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orQ: what is the difference between using include and require in Codeigniter I am using php in codeigniter framework. I found two ways of including file. require('../includes/header.php'); include ('../includes/header.php'); I want to know how this works? what are the differences between these two? A: I am not sure, I think you can use both. What I have done is I have included it before calling the classes like so require_once('../includes/header.php'); require_once('../includes/footer.php'); $this->load->model('mymodel'); $this->load->library('myclass'); Then I have included it like so $this->load->library('myclass'); New strategies for the development of antibacterial agents. In addition to the classic 'target-based' approach to the development of antibacterial agents, other 'target-independent' strategies have been developed to combat the continuing emergence of antibacterial resistance. Two general target-independent strategies have been reviewed in this study. (i) These consist of the prevention of bacterial initiation by biofilm eradication and the inhibition of growth factor activity. Both these strategies have been developed to have clinical relevance. (ii) A third target-independent strategy has been reviewed, in which bacterial cells are destroyed by reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are formed as part of the host response to bacterial infection. They act as cytotoxic agents on non-viable bacterial cells but also disrupt the bacterial genome. The relevance of this approach has been reviewed in the context of a number of available agents that act by the same mechanisms. The third approach to target-independent strategies for the development of antibacterial agents has been reviewed in this paper. The mode of action of these agents is mainly as inhibitors of bacterial protein synthesis or as DNA-damaging agents. The synthesis of these agents is being developed primarily as therapeutics for the treatment of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections and cancer.Glossary The table below displays, for each term, the definition given in the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1986), the meaning of the word given in the Dictionary of Contemporary English (Oxford: 1986), the meaning of the word given in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Dictionary (Brisbane: 1980) and the usage recorded in the Corpus of Contemporary American ac619d1d87

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